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the song

by my band



watch the music video (i'm in it for a scene!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcurq-KQNTA

listen/download the song: soundcloud.com/soundbanditmusic/mybandthesong

my band - the song is a mega-collaboration organized by a friend, SOUND BANDIT (www.youtube.com/user/Popperpony), created for DustCar Race #9 (topic "Maximum Collaboration").

I contributed vocals ("I can't wait to see you all again...") along side the wonderful DMC4EVERUCCI, as well as breakbeat work in the "but don't we all break the" section.


going hard on the calpis
look like milk in the chalice [I, eva x present a toast]
if I send you a friend request then please accept it
there's a party you're invited

but someone's gonna call the cops
to the limit to the limit gonna keep it up
tell those fuckers man we've had enough
mask on mask off why are you so far

I can't wait to see you all again
it's been too long and I miss my friends
in the meantime we can talk all night
get fucked up until we feel alright

everypony in the room's so fucked
sound bandit put the zoom code up (hold up)
wait a minute... did I hear that right?
we gon' party fuckin' all night all night

party like we're dying
drink until we're droppin'
as boby is playin'
all night

I need more time to get fucked up,
you'll feel alive, when you fill that cup
I'm lookin out to the skies and I see you
party so hard til I'm feelin' fuckin' see-through
you can be our friend it's gonna be alright
just join the party we're goin through it all night

[but don't we all break the]

chill out

no one really knows who I am, oh no
but I really don't think that I give a damn [I don't give a damn no]
yeah I'm fuckin solo don't know where I am, play the jam, louder,
party the night away

I joined the party to say what's up
now I'm hanging with a party cup
sometimes it feels like I'm the only one around
party ghost in the lost and found
start the lap when you hear this sound
I never run when I hit the ground
that's what it feels like when they leave me in the dust
now I wonder if I'm really one of us

the fire of bass it hits my soul,
reverberate till I lose control

yeah the party don't stop no
yeah its only getting started now
come on let yourself go
let me see how you all throw down

runnin' round all night,i
cause I don't know where I left my drink
think I see the light
when I'm pukin' in the kitchen sink

everything will be alright
cause all my friends are here tonight

all the stars looking for light...
all the stars looking for light...
all the stars looking for light...
all the stars... burn light

we party to escape the shit we've been through
cause none of it matters when I'm here with all of you
there's so many snacks and they taste so good
you know they won't go to waste bro

I don't need a break right now
I just want a cake right now
ready for twister with all my friends
might order pizza but it depends
Imma get it imma get it
we gon' party like it's armageddon, yeah, yeah

think I see the light
[light] Imma get fucked up
Imma get fucked up
think I see the light
[light] Imma get fucked up
Imma get fucked up


released November 23, 2020
SOUND BANDIT - www.youtube.com/user/Popperpony

sound bandit, mistmurk, jb, Bolt the Super-Pony, Fin, somasis, Ethan Toavs, ~Avery~, So?ing Machine, Violet Ray, Freddy Mercery, Doxypony, erich, Bolt the Super-Pony, Snowy Charm, DMC 4EVER UCCI, ashes2day, Luck Rock, kleyna, sonny, bagel, MelodyBrony, Anonymous Moniker 27.5, Evershade, Sakairi Melodious, Kingsley Evergreen, Fetlocked, Maddie Tourmaline, Silver Arzterrent, nostalgia junkie + more

see itemized credits at: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z5X85q6Wyy0lzIGBDsoJXET9GEftHwtgbRsdHlAQJ5w/edit




somasis North Carolina

Kylie McClain

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