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in nature, together

by somasis

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all the time 02:01
[this has come up a lot like, not wanting to be divided? cause like, y'know like, you go to your job, you're, you're not the same person, you go to your classroom, you might be part of you, but you're not the whole you, so it's like, i don't wanna be that, i wanna do all of it at once, i wanna be me all the time, all of it i have divided myself for too long, and caused too much stress so i guess that's the project]
[civilization has never looked like this before! this is ludicrousness, and this cannot last, this cannot last] you gave me a perfect picture, an image of what life could be, i still think about it everyday, even when happy it's on my mind so i come to my senses, but it's not alright, the lighter is set, and the mood isn't the right the smell is bad, and my lungs are sick, i can't take anymore of this shit the cycle continues, our natural return, it ebbs and flows and, we don't get burned, the cycle continues, an eternal return, they say be careful, but we don't get burned
i can bring to you flowers in the night soft as my trembling fingers touch you, love i can offer you wine and candlelight if only my aching fingers, clutch you, love i can bring to you flowers in the night soft as my trembling fingers touch you, love
leant into nature, became one with the trees, you spoke unto skin, i'm always listening... dirt colored eyes, you give me life, soil, i'm planted, looking for the sun, i've never been warmer... whispered through rocks, flowin' through streams i'm, so happy, to be with you, now and forever... i missed colors so much, you and the autumn leaves, i missed color so much, you and the autumn leaves...
habit 02:14
falling all over, for flowers in your hair, tearin' myself to shreds, i want you so much, but you don't even care, i feel like a fool i love you but you don't even know my name, okay, you do, but what you mean just ain't the same, if there's nothing there why do i, still dream of you? you're a habit i can't quit, but you don't even know it, your love is non-existent, i'm just a poet i work so hard to hear your voice, to hear the scratch and feel your noise, you don't even know how you make me skip, you don't even know that i'm on a trip and if you board the plane, i hope to see you in this gate [do you know what i mean?] i love but you don't even know my name, okay, you do, but what that mean just ain't the same, if there's nothing there why do i still dream of you? you're a habit, we need to be through... [love like sunshine, sees nothing, that is not, love]


i'll try to keep it short and let the music speak for itself.

this is an ep of songs about togetherness, about stress, about nature, about the feelings I feel for people I care about, and the moments we share with one another. listening to it, though unintentionally, i feel it is a companion piece to spirit / songs for lovers in tone and style, with some tracks dating from that time and immediately following; some are also quite new, originating from the past few months. think of it as looking through the same lens at something new.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the people I love and who love me, and all of my friends, who I love and care for dearly, and who I am proud to know. I want to draw attention to relationships in particular, of all types, in a year where we all need someone to be there for us, and people to be there for. talk to someone you haven't lately, if just to say hi and wish them a good day. you might need each other more than you think.


released December 4, 2020

recorded July 7th, 2019 to December 4th, 2020.

everything by Kylie McClain





somasis North Carolina

Kylie McClain

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