from spirit / songs for lovers by somasis



conversation represents
flight towards a new blissfulness
appearance blessed proclivity
forms of contrast gave to me

uncovered lovers
mind a thought from diamonds never given
jewelry considered unwanted
by those who never listened
corner curve the edge of your bed,
a warmth develops
living in embraces never planned,
a slow danced other

[there came a time where,
i had to say goodbye to all my friends.
and then i knew, know i was wondering,
are they my friends? what's a friend?]

[i think if you're not careful, and you,
involve yourself with too many friends,
you won't be a friend to yourself.
so, i think it's cataclysmic,
that you come to a point where you say,
i need to know, who i am, what i am, me,
i need to know me,
and then you, migrate to another planet,
and then you find yourself, and you say,
thank you, to all the stars, and planets, and all everything,
and you become happy?
because you've reached this level of understanding.]

[that's it.
that's it? i don't feel like i got the ending.
that's because it doesn't end.
no, but there's an idea, that kinda has an ending.]

[i just think it's important to understand who you are,
and not to put a thousand, a million, a zillion, uh, distractions
that keep you going, but you... don't... really... understand...]

[each person that tries to see beyond his own time must face the question to which there cannot yet be absolute answers.

there was a therapy happening! but all it leaves you with are memories... and memories aren't where it's at. getting to where it's at is a long search...

well i don't see that way,
i mean i feel like, as long as there's life, there's hope.
that's my faith...]


from spirit / songs for lovers, released June 18, 2019




somasis North Carolina

Kylie McClain is a musician writing about love, identity, and revolution, and relationships, over the sound of plunderphonic, dream pop bliss.

Bandcamp is the hub of my musical output: follow me here to get updates about any and all music things I'm involved in.
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