3​​.​​48 Shark (Somasis' そうプロ !! SILENCE MASSIVE GET HYPE by Somasis)

by Mundius



Original download link for the EP: mundius.bandcamp.com/album/348-shark-ep.

The EP seems to be gone now, so this is available for download.
Kylie McClain, December 1st 2020

A Retrospective

This is the first I ever released in any official form. It was a "remix" of a song that a friend on the #bronymusic IRC made. The premise, I believe, was this: 3.48 Shark is a three minute and forty-eight second long song that consists of a recording of silence, akin to 4'33", John Cage's famous work. I can't remember if I asked to, or if I was asked to make something off of it. Whatever happened, I did, and it was the first song that I ever made that got released.

I made it with Renoise, the only song I've ever released that was done with it.

I'm not quite sure what happened to Mundius. I believe their name on IRC was ||3, but I might be mixing them up with something else. I think I actually ran into them on a Discord server earlier this year, but currently I can't pin down which server that was. Whatever they're up to now, they certainly aren't making any music under the Mundius name, now are they.

Kylie McClain, October 10th, 2018


released January 25, 2013




somasis North Carolina

Kylie McClain is a musician writing about love, identity, and revolution, and relationships, over the sound of plunderphonic, dream pop bliss.

Bandcamp is the hub of my musical output: follow me here to get updates about any and all music things I'm involved in.
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